allenomis introduces an innovative concept merging functionality, technology and sustainability while maintaining a distinguished and contemporary style.
allenomis garments are multifunctional: they are designed to be used in more than one way allowing the wearer to adapt to the changing climate or social context. They are designed with the urban woman in mind, who dwells in the city for most of her time, from the office to social events, using public transport or possibly cycling from one place to the other. Her clothes become her tools to feel safe and cosy while maintaining her unique style for the whole day.

A very important aspect for us is using materials produced according to ethical and environmental principles, reducing waste as much as possible in the process by adopting the principles of the circular economy. The aim is to create a sustainable product from the origin of the material to the final garment.
Thanks to the high quality materials used, the superior tailoring and a “no-season” approach, our garments are intended to be used and cherished for a long time. As the designs are adaptable and can be layered, just a few items are sufficient to create a variety of looks. The “no-season” approach leads to an extended life-cycle, reducing waste and shifting consumers from fast fashion to buying high performance and high quality clothes and using them for a longer time.