responsive and responsible garments

Responsive because they are designed to respond to the climate and the immediate context, allowing the wearer to respond to the increasing complexity of living in an urban environment and the variety of activities we face in our daily lives.  Multifunctional design, responsive textiles and technologies are employed to create versatile garments which are also unique, stylish and somehow futuristic.

Responsible because they are designed to be durable and timeless.  They are ‘holistically’ sustainable: not only the materials are sourced following ethical principles and their production is kept local but they are meant to be used and cherished for a long time thanks to the high quality materials, superior tailoring and the no-season approach.

allenomis is a listed member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and of the Fellowship 500, an organisation uniting 500 innovators and leaders in the fashion sector every year.

allenomis has been conceived by Annalisa Simonella, an Italian designer living in Scotland.  Her background is in architectural engineering and she has applied her knowledge in materials and thermal comfort to create multifunctional and technological fashion which is also stylish and sustainable.

allenomis is a Starter for 6 2013 Main Programme awardee.